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We are a non-profit organization designed to promote and stimulate interest in the Pinto horse, as well as all horses. We do this through horse shows, parades, publicity, public relations, clinics and other events and social endeavors.  We strive to promote good sportsmanship, horsemanship and horse husbandry; to keep the horse industry alive and healthy; to create a demand for Pintos; to improve the general condition and welfare of all horses; and to further the purpose of the Pinto Horse Association of America.

STP holds four to five shows during the year at the Guadalupe County Fairgrounds in Seguin, Texas.  We strive to maintain a family atmosphere and promote fun and fellowship throughout the shows.  Each show offers classes in halter, color, English, Trail and Western events.  In addition, we offer classes for miniatures and ponies in halter, color, jumping, driving, and in hand classes. 

*  We offer All-Breed Classes in conjunction with each Pinto Show.
*  We offer High Point awards at each show
*  We offer a Super Horse award at each show
*  We offer High Point awards for each Circuit (Spring and Summer)
*  We Offer Year End High Point Awards

Membership is open to all persons interested in the purpose of the organization.
Board Of Directors

Susan Matta
Committees serving:
 Show & Sponsors

Nicole Sherwood
Committees Serving:
Awards & Sponsors

Terry Henderson
Committees Serving:
Show & Sponsor

Cheryl Trammell
Committees serving:
Show & Sponsor

Field Representative

E-mail Updates, Photos, Ads, or Stories to Gina Biesenbach
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Mailing Address
South Texas Pinto
P.O. Box 161La Vernia, Texas 78121

 - President -
Robin Baily
Committees serving:
Sponsor & Show

Vice  President
​Patti Farley
Committees Serving:
Show, Awards & Sponsor

- Secretary -
Gina Biesenbach
Committees serving:
Awards, Points & Sponsors

- Treasurer - 
Debbie Marx
Term remaining - 2 years
Committees serving:
Awards, & Sponsor

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A field rep will not be available to register horses at our shows. Anyone wishing to register a horse PtHA must send their registrations to PtHA to register them. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Don't worry we won't share your info with anyone.
Sign up for our Updates to stay abreast of the STP Happenings  as they are Happening!

Sign up for our Updates to stay abreast of the STP Happenings  as they are Happening!

Sign up for our Updates to stay abreast of the STP Happenings  as they are Happening!