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May 2017
The City of Seguin has implemented some new rules and price changes for their Fair Ground facilities effective starting in 2017.  Some of the changes are listed below and we apologize for any inconvenience that they may cause you, but at this time they are out of our control.  We will continue to try reasoning with them to change some of the  rules as per being more horse show friendly. 

1. According to The City of Seguin, the stall fees are assessed from 12am one day to 12am the next, and that is what they consider to be one day. (EX:  If you arrive at the fairgrounds at 12 am  (or any time after that) on Saturday morning and get a stall at that time, and then you leave at 11:59pm (or at any time before that) on Saturday evening, that will be considered one day and you will be charged accordingly.  Another EX:  Lets say you arrive at the fairgrounds at 6pm on Friday night and get a stall.  Then you leave at 11am on Saturday morning after your halter class.  That will be considered two days according to the City of Seguin and they will charge us for two days, so unfortunately that is how we will have to charge exhibitors for the stalls, and again we apologize for the inconvenience.

2. Another change is in how the City of Seguin charges for the RV Hook Ups.  They use the same 12am to 12am calculations as above, and again that is how we are going to have to charge anyone using the RV parking.

3.  Friday Night Arena Use
The City of Seguin is now charging an extra fee for the use of the Arena on Friday evening.  We would like to do a survey (below) to see how many would actually be interested in using the arena on Friday evening to see if it would even be feasible and would you be willing to pay a $5 to $10 fee per/horse to use it at that time?   We would not be able to use it before 5pm on Friday evening.  
Just check yes or no for each of the three questions below, then hit the submit button.
There is no personal data collected on this survey ... all answers are strictly anonymous.

STP 2016 Year End and Circuit
 Award Winners!!!

The Awards Banquet is March 25 at 2:00pm
Location:  Tejas Mexican Steak House 
                                       11985 US Hwy 87
                             La Vernia, TX
Sept 2017
Our September Show is Approaching Fast

​WOW!!! Enter for 10 Chances to Win a Buckle in 5 Special Classes added to Our September Show!... and in the process you would be helping to support our Benefit for Monica Marx Robledo's Cancer Treatments.  Monica is the Daughter of our own Debbie Marx...Board Member and Office Holder  in The STP Club for many, many years.   We would love to see the support of everyone and fill these classes as much as possible... Let's make this the biggest and best show yet...Thank You for Your Support!
The Special Classes  will NOT be used in High Point Tabulation... and the W/T class will NOT be held against those going in the Lope classes.
These Special Classes are Open for All Breeds and consist of:  
                                    HALTER:  All Ages/Sexes
                                    COLOR:  Non Solid
                                    COLOR: Solid
                                    MINI/PONY HALTER:  All Ages/Sexes
                                    W/T WESTERN PLEASURE

Of course we also have a full slate of all our Regular Pinto and All-Breed Classes.  See our September Show Bill.

STP Show Office will be open from 6-8 pm Friday Evening before the Show

Be sure to pre-enter and email your entries to our Show Secretary by Wednesday evening (September 27th) before the Show to be entered into the drawing for a chance to win ONE FREE STALL for the September show.


Congratulations to our April 29 Show Winners!!!

Thank you to all for taking the time to do our survey on the Friday Night Arena.
Good News!!!  The Arena will be open on Friday evening to warm up for our May Show....and even though many of you checked that you would pay up to $10 to ride, there will not be a charge to ride at this time, but they will not open the arena before 5pm

We want to thank everyone for your patience as we have a new Show Secretary this year and it is going to take some time to transition and for her to get into the flow and ease of signing every one in and for the show to run smoothly.  The last show got started late due to a long line at the sign up window on the morning of the show. 

For your convenience and to help avoid the long line and be better able to start on time we are asking that you please Pre-Enter online prior to Wednesday eve of May 17.  All pre-entries will be entered into a drawing for a FREE STALL at the May Show! Thank you so much again for your patience and cooperation.

Simply go to the Show Page, download the appropriate entry forms, fill them out and email  a copy to the STP Show Secretary (email is listed on the forms)   On Show day, simply go to the show office, pay your entry fee and get your number.  You will already be in the computer system and ready to show.
YES I would pay $5
NO I would NOT pay $5
YES I would pay $10
NO I would NOT pay $10
YES I would use the Arena on Friday night
NO I would NOT use the Arena on Friday night